Our Values


Bob Dylan once famously sang, “You’ve gotta serve somebody.” Dylan’s point was that all of us will inevitably spend our lives living for something or someone else, a type of behavior the Bible refers to as “worship.” The question isn’t “will we worship?” but rather “what will we worship?” Scripture teaches that what we are made to worship is God, and in our worship of Him we will find true meaning, satisfaction and joy. However, we are also told that, as sinners, our hearts are inclined to worship anything and everything other than the true God. The good news of Christianity though, is that through what Jesus has done, God not only offers forgiveness to sinners, but also restoration so that they can worship rightly. Each week at First Presbyterian, we gather together to celebrate the good news of Jesus. Our corporate worship consists of hearing God’s Word read and explained, singing great hymns of the faith (sometimes with an organ, sometimes with a guitar), confessing our sin and our faith, praying together, and coming to God with our gifts. Our dress varies from more formal to more casual, but most importantly, we come clothed in Christ’s righteousness. If you are looking for a church home, or just visiting the area, we extend our warmest welcome to you.



You may have heard the statement before: “We aren’t supposed to go to church to see other people.” While it is true that church isn’t solely about other people, the relationships that make up the body of the Christ are actually an essential part of the Christian experience. At First Presbyterian, we strive to promote what the Apostles’ Creed refers to as the communion of the saints: the idea that our common salvation brings all sorts of different people together in genuine relationships. Among our regular Sunday morning JavaRama coffee cafe, Wednesday evening Gatherings, Sunday evening small groups, Sunday School fellowships and women’s bible studies, along with a host of other activities that take place throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities for both knowing others and being known at FPC.


DiscipleshipThough the term “discipleship” may sound complicated, the word “disciple” simply means “student.” Teachers, doctors, lawyers and a host of other professionals are all required to continue their education as lifelong learners. According to Jesus, the same expectation is true of Christians as well. At First Presbyterian, we take seriously the call to become not just “converts to the Christian religion” but “disciples of Jesus,” with the purpose of our learning not just to inform our minds, but to transform our hearts and lives. Sunday School, which meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 for people of all ages, is a time devoted specifically toward discipleship. However, every time we gather together during the week, our hope is to assist believers in their pursuit of following Jesus by diving deeper into the gospel.

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