Worship Services

Sunday Service

First Presbyterian’s a traditional Presbyterian service, with a blend of contemporary music interspersed. The high point of a Reformed worship service is the reading and preaching of God’s Word. Our pastor’s preaching style is as more of a teacher. He is continually preaching in a series, addressing specific texts of Scripture, with a sermon outline included in the bulletin, which encourages participation and understanding.

First Presbyterian seeks to give an authentic worship experience, in which people are confronted with who we are (as broken people marred by sin) and who we can be (remade people redeemed by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ).

We believe you will sense the difference at First Presbyterian. We strive for authenticity, not believing we have arrived, but recognizing that we are all fellow strugglers who seek to put Christ first in our lives.

  • Time: First Worship Service starts at 8:30 a.m.  Second Worship Service starts at 10:30 a.m.
  • Location: First Presbyterian is located at the corner of 23rd Avenue and 10th Street (with parking available at the northeast corner, as well as in the church’s parking lot at 24th Avenue & Ninth Street).

JavaRama Coffee Cafe

The JavaRama Coffee Cafe is open for people to be refreshed through various brands of coffee, along with an assortment of finger foods, fruits, and desserts, which are offered prior to – and immediately following – Sunday School. Many of the children and young people in our church wouldn’t know what to do for breakfast if it were not for the JavaRama each Sunday morning!

  • Time: 10:10 a.m. – 10:25 a.m.
  • Location: Fellowship Hall #1

The Gathering

The Gathering is our church’s chance to relax and share life together. We share a scrumptious meal at a reasonable cost to members and regular attendees: $10/adults and $5/children. If you’re a guest or just interested in our community, please come and eat for free. Following the meal, there is a time of prayer for the needs of those in our church and community. This is often a powerful moment for us, and prayer requests are accepted in the moment. Lastly, we split off into our respected classes, each class led by one of our three pastors. The Gathering is much more relaxed than Sunday morning service and gives people in our Church the chance to get better acquainted over a nice meal.

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering about your children. Well, we have lots of options for children and students. Small children eat the meals at the tables with their families, and then parents check them into our Nursery in the Children’s Wing. We do provide professional childcare so that all who attend may give their full attention in a safe environment. During the adult classes, there is a program for the children, as well as a ministry to both middle school and high school students. You can read more about that time in the student section of our website.

  • Times for:

Dinner: 5:15-5:55 p.m.

Class: 5:55-6:45 p.m.

  • Location: Fellowship Hall #2 is where we grab our plates, while Fellowship Hall #1 is where we eat as a congregation.

-Our three pastors: Rhett Payne, Bo Kyle, and Chip Cowsert, are each leading their own class from 5:55-6:45pm.  These classes will consist of a variety of biblical topics that will allow each group to spiritually grow with one another in Christ.

(Wednesday night gatherings meet from August-November and January-April. The Gathering does not meet during the summer.)

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